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Accessibility Statement

“Unlocking Opportunities. Enabling disabled learners to achieve.” is committed to providing a website that is accessible to a wide audience with differing ability and using differing technology.

Guidelines and standards we work to

This website endeavours to conform to level Double-A of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

This site has been built using code compliant with W3C standards for HTML and CSS. The site displays correctly in the following current browsers:


  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11
  • Chrome 46
  • Firefox 41


  • Safari 9
  • Chrome 46
  • Firefox 41


Javascript. Some of the examination elements, such as the countdown timer which provides visual feedback on the amount of time left within the exam, rely on JavaScript.

Images with alt tags. We find it confuses visitors to provide alt tags with every image, and provide them only where they are integral to the meaning of the page.

Tabular layout within learning material. Some learning material layouts use tables to achieve their layouts. The majority of the time these tables contain content which is suited to display as tables, but there are some exceptions to this which we do not feel causes any barriers to accessibility.

Mobile devices. The site is not designed specifically to work on mobile devices.

Contact us

We are always happy to receive feedback. Please email if you come across any pages you find it difficult to use.

Basic help with accessibility - text size

Internet Explorer

  • Click 'View' to open the View menu or press 'Alt' and 'V'.
  • Select the 'Text Size' option or select by pressing 'X'.
  • Choose your preferred text size using your mouse or use the up and down arrow keys
  • Click to select the text size or press 'Enter'
  • The text size should change to reflect your choice


  • Click ‘View’ to open the View menu
  • Select the ‘Text Size’ option
  • Select ‘Increase’ or ‘Decrease’
  • The text on our site should change to reflect your choice


  • Click hamburger menu top right and choose ‘Zoom’
  • Select ‘+’or ‘–‘
  • OR select ‘CTRL ‘ or ‘CTRL –‘ as keyboard shortcut
  • The text on our site should change to reflect your choice


  • Click 'View' to open the View menu
  • Click on 'Make Text Bigger' or 'Make Text Smaller' or to use the keyboard shortcuts select
  • ‘Apple’ and ‘+’ (plus) or ‘Apple’ and ‘-’ (minus)
  • The text size on our site should change to reflect your choice

Consistent page headings and titles

A consistent heading structure has been used so that page information is compatible with access technology.